Physiology is the scientific study of normal functions, regulations and mechanisms which works within a living system.It comes under basic medical science which basically focuses on the physical and chemical functioning of the organ systems. The major systems covered in the study of human physiology are circulatory, endocrine, digestive / excretory, immune system, integumentary system, musculo-skeletal, nervous system, renal/urinary system, reproductive, respiratory system. Physiology plays an important role in dentistry by discussing the oral importance of basic Physiology. It addresses specific types of cells and its physiological principles.

The department of Physiology is spread over an area of ……… square feet. The department has hematology lab which can accommodate 50 students. The lab is well equipped as per DCI norms. The department also has a research lab with special research equipment like Electrical vestibular nerve stimulators, reaction time apparatus, bicycle ergometers, luxmeter, pulseoximeter. In addition to this we also have Meditation room.


  1. To promote translational research in the field of Physiology for oral and general health care.
  2. To establish a sleep lab and cognition lab
  3. To promote collaborative research with dental subjects to develop the novel diagnostic tools and management of complications associated with dental problems.


  1. To teach Physiology in a simple and concept oriented approach to make the undergraduate dental students to understand the human Physiology.
  2. To promote research and enhance the skills of the students to be multi-tasking and excel in the field of dentistry and research.


  1. The department is striving hard and committed to develop potential academics with research.


  1. Academics
    The Physiology department follows structured teaching curriculum which includes small group teaching, flipped class, mind mapping, problem based learning, seminars, draw and label assignment with regular assessment using open book test, slip test, MCQ test and quiz programs. Apart from the above mentioned teaching methods, we also take up a method to teach the complications, disease and clinical conditions by role-play.
  2. Research
    The department is very active in research and started encourages the students right from the under graduation itself. The department has successfully completed more than 30 short-term student projects. The students also have presented the poster and oral presentations in national and international conferences under the guidance of the department of Physiology. The department, in collaboration with Oral Medicine and Radiology, Oral Pathology, Conservative dentistry and Periodontics working on various projects.
    In collaboration with Neurovalance lab, United Kingdom, the department is working on electrical vestibular nerve stimulation in the management of life style disorders and pain. In collaboration with Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana University, the department is working on Effect of Om chanting on sleep quality. Currently the department has external and one internal funding project.


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