Specialised Clinics

Patients requiring advanced services after undergoing basic treatments in one of the comprehensive clinics are referred to the speciality clinics.There are around eight speciality clinics, in which treatments are performed by our post graduates.

Oral medicine and radiology (comprehensive screening and X ray) (ROOM NO 1)

This speciality is concerned with the management and treatment of various oral mucosal diseases, TMJ diseases, salivary gland disorders and potentially cancerous disorders of the oral cavity.

This clinic is equipped with advanced 3D X ray imaging machine such as Dental CT (CBCT), entire jaw X rays (OPG) and various skull views to improve the diagnostic ability of clinicians by offering three dimensional images of the concerned jaw bones.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery (tooth removal and surgery) (ROOM NO2)

This speciality clinic is concerned with simple removal of teeth, surgical removal of wisdom teeth, various minor oral surgical procedures, and provides IN PATIENT services for treatment of broken jaws, TMJsurgery, cosmetic surgery, cleft lip and palate surgeries and 24 hours emergency services.

The clinic also has well equipped Minor OT, Major OT, 6 bedded ICU- with ventilator, 20 bedded male and female ward and ambulance services.

Conservative dentistry and endodontics( filling and root canal treatment)(ROOM NO 4)

In this speciality clinic, various specialized fillings for decayed teeth, complex root canal treatments under microscope, managing the broken teeth (fracture), smile designing, teeth whitening are done.

The clinic is equipped with 18 dental operating microscopes that greatly enhances clinician’s ability to view the tiniest details in the patient’s tooth. It magnifies the vision up to 25 times that of the naked eye. It is useful for both diagnosis as well as treatment procedures.
Advanced equipment such as rotary endomotor is also available.

Pediatric dentistry( children dental care)(ROOM NO 5)

All oral health problems in children below 18 years of age are managed in this clinic. Various treatments for decay (cavities), cleaning, root canal for both milk teeth and permanent teeth are done.

This speciality is equipped with Conscious sedation (Nitrous oxide sedation), Direct operating microscope, diode LASER, Microabrasion unit, Rotary endomotors.

Orthodontics( braces treatment) ROOM NO 6)

Orthodontics is a speciality that deals with correction of crooked, irregular and forwardly placed teeth along with jaws.
It is equipped with digital scanners and computerized Ceph analysis that helps in precise diagnosis and treatment planning.

Periodontics(gum treatment) ( ROOM NO 7)

This speciality clinic is concerned with teeth cleaning, gum surgeries to improve overall gum health using advanced surgical procedures (Electrocautery, Cryosurgery, LASERS, Microsurgeries).

Prosthodontics( tooth replacement/bridge) (ROOM NO 8)

This clinic is concerned with all types of tooth and prosthetic replacements such as Fixed teeth (Bridge), Removable teeth set (Complete and partial denture sets). We also have attached dental laboratory that uses advanced materials like ZIRCONIA and PORCELAIN for fabrication of artificial teeth.

The clinic is equipped with latest instruments such as Jaw tracker and Tekscan. Jaw tracker records the jaw movements in 3 dimensions, whereas Tekscan, a computerized tool identifies premature contacts and guides to remove destructive forces on occlusion.
This speciality also provides Advanced prosthetic services such as Artificial eye prosthesis, finger prosthesis, cleft palate obturators, post cancer obturators.

Implantology(Bone Screw Fixed teeth)

This speciality Is concerned with Replacement of missing teeth using Fixed bone screws (IMPLANTS). This clinic is equipped with Advanced surgical implant kits, piezoelectrical surgical unit.

Tobacco cessation cell:

Tobacco in various forms is the most common causative/etiological agent of oral cancer. The prevalence of tobacco usage in Andhra Pradesh is around 20% of which 14% is contributed by a smokeless form of tobacco. Being a health care professional we have a great opportunity to Influence an adolescent/ adult smokers through patient education and counselling to quit usage of the Tobacco in any form. All the new patients who have the habit of smoking/ chewing tobacco are counselled and assisted to quit the habit through regular follow-ups.


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