Best practices/ Innovations

In this world of competency, innovation is the mantra which makes you unique and a pioneer in trending new ideas. Here are the glimpses of initiatives taken by the institution to stay in tune with the changing times and emerging technologies.

  • Comprehensive Clinics to provide real-life training for students and all-at-once treatment for patients.]
  • VAIDHYO patient information system:
  • The institution has adopted an electronic Patient Information System. As, our students and junior doctors educate the patient about their dental health status and perform the treatment procedure under our facuty supervision at a minimal time in comprehensive clinic.
  • Once the patient data is entered it can be easily accessible for both students and faculty through our intranet system. Once patient data is entered the student submit procedure done under the supervision of the faculty and each step will be approved. Therefore Vaidhyo hepls to save patient time as well as papers.
  • Use of tablets/tabloids by the students to record the case histories- a paperless dentistry
  • vvvvvMagnification enhanced dentistry – use of magnification loupes and dental operating microscopes assisted with ultrasonics
  • Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) – the most advanced and revolutionary imaging modality in dentistry which can change the fate of diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Small group teaching and newer scientific educational practices (SEP) – to make the learning process easy and transformation into I Pad based e-learning.
  • Externship programme for undergraduate students
  • Association (MOU) with international universities – Tuft’s university, Boston, USA and Missouri state university, USA
  • Advanced dental implantology unit with world class amenities
  • Lasers and lingual orthodontics
  • Tobacco cessation cell and oral health education cell to create awareness among the population.
  • Delivering health talks through Radio Vishnu FM
  • Student outreach programmes, oral health camps and community services to raise the awareness of oral health
  • Establishment of peripheral/satellite clinics and Tele dentistry – a new vista in oral health care
  • Profound staff extensively dedicated to the field of research in dentistry


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