Patient Education cell

In line with World Health Organization (WHO)’s definition of Patient Empowerment, “A process through which people gain greater control over decisions and actions effecting their health..“, Vishnu Dental College wants to ensure every patient is empowered towards attaining Oral Health.


  • Engage and involve patients by imparting essential knowledge about Oral Health and their present Status
  • Empowering every patient with the information as per the VDC Rights and Responsibilities

How do we do?

Patient Education, in general is the process by which Health Professionals and others impart information to patients and their Caregivers that will alter their Health Behaviors or improve their Health Status. This is an important part of the healing process no matter the type of illness. Hence, as a mandate every patient reporting to our Hospital are educated at the ‘Dental Education Cell’ stationed outside each clinic by the dedicated Counselors (as per the details enlisted under ‘Patient Care -> Patient Rights and Responsibilities’)

In spite of diagnosed problems, patient tend to deny treatment due to various myths, misconceptions about time and cost and lack of awareness on possible risks etc. Therefore, Patient Education Cell wants to ensure every patient (whether they accept or deny the proposed treatment) will undergo the comprehensive counseling. On one-one-one basis, the Counselors provides information about Oral Health status, comprehensive treatment plan, tentative time duration for the treatment, cost estimates, other treatment alternatives, prognosis, and prevention strategies. Any queries will also be answered in the process. Thus, VDC follows a mutualistic model wherein both the patient and doctor play a responsible role in empowering overall Oral Health.


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