Vishnu Dental College and Hospital (VDC &H) is at Bhimavaram in West Godavari District. VDC has been on a mission of providing a Quality treatment at affordable costs and over 4.5Lakhs people utilized the services in last 5 years from West Godavari and surrounding districts.

In the journey, VDC noticed that the biggest challenge in Oral Health is the lack of awareness and negligence of people towards Dental Care. People tend to visit hospital only when pain occurs, that is when the disease might have already progressed to greater extent. This impacts overall health; thus, the Quality of life is compromised. Presumed cost burden, various socio-cultural myths, lack of accessibility are adding up. Statistics reveal that in India, more than 60% of the Children below 15 years of age suffer with decayed teeth and about 90% of adult population suffer with gum diseases. This is huge!

VDC has a strategic approach to address these multi-dimensional challenges, with goal being ‘Oral Health for All’, our very Vision.

VDC works on Patient First philosophy and we believe that the patient is the most important person for our facility. At a Patient-Centric level, Dentists at VDC works with patients, their families (whenever appropriate) to ensure that patients’ needs, concerns and preferences are understood. Soliciting their inputs, Patient receives education and additional support to help them make appropriate decisions for their own care. VDC also empowers Dentists with best support systems and technology to facilitate Patient-Centred services.

VDC’s Community Bus Service provides easy access to people in the neighbourhood villages and Schools in the radius of 50kms by providing free pick up and drop facility. Patients who strictly needs someone to accompany them, says that they would not have been able to get treatment without Bus service. School Children who visit through Bus facility are otherwise less likely to visit Dentist until pain occur. Thus, by treating, educating and counselling them, the intention is to prevent Oral health issues, improve their quality of life at school and imbibe a better health seeking behaviour.

VDC also organises Screening Camps and Educational Talks focusing on awareness and prevention of Common Oral Diseases prevalent in various target groups.
A State of art facility with 300 well-trained doctors and 350 Dental Chair Units, VDC has become a household name for Quality Dental Care in West Godavari and neighbourhood districts. We strive for providing the best Dental Care by continuously upgrading and reinventing our services.

An average of 90 thousand people visits VDC every year



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