Tobacco Cessation Cell

Health  care  providers  play  an  important  role  in  tobacco  cessation  and  abstinence.  The  Dental Health  Care  Providers  can  assist  in  early  diagnosis  with  the  help  of  basic  clinical  skills,  academic knowledge  along  with  indispensable  care,  necessary  surgical and  behavioral  support,  make  referrals and  generate  awareness. Keeping  this  in  mind,  Vishnu  Dental College,  Hospital  has been  actively  working towards   Tobacco  Cessation through  various  activities  like free Dental  Camps  for    oral  health check  up,  Counsellings and workshops  .The  Department  of Public  Heath  Dentistry offers training,  research  and  community health  services  through  its  various outdoor  activities  in  the form  of  dental camps, community-comprehensive mobile  and  satellite  clinics . Oral  Health  Information  center  is  also  established  in  the  department  for  displaying  the  work of  students  and  staff  members  in  educating  the common people  regarding  oral  health .

Taking  one  step  further  in  this,  Vishnu Dental  College    through  its  Department  of  Public Health  Dentistry and Oral medicine and Radiology  had  set  up Tobacco Cessation Cell (TCC) which was established on 31st May 2017 on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day. This TCC aims to provide community awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco and to conduct clinical based individual tobacco cessation sessions. At the same time, TCC would provide an ideal platform to train, orient and sensitize the dental graduates and post graduates on tobacco cessation counselling. The cell functions under the direct guidance and supervision of the trained faculty  from the department of Public Health Dentistry  and Oral Medicine and Radiology with referral support from other dental as well as medical departments. The cell would operate a daily basis with a monthly schedule of posting of staff along with post graduates students and interns.  TCC would identify clusters like schools, colleges or health centers and organize mass awareness programs. It also collaborates with the mobile dental unit and carry out community based screening and cessation programs.


Our  TCC  is  located  in  the  ground  floor  near  Oral  Medicine  Radiology  department.  First  chain  of  referral  to  our  center  is  from  OPD  of  the  college  and satellite clinics of college. Trained Postgraduates from Oral  Medicine and Radiology take  detailed tobacco  case  history  using  predesigned  DCI  prescribed  tobacco proforma  and  also  screens  for  precancerous  lesions under supervision of in-charge faculty Dr. G. Swathi Naidu, Senior lecturer,  Department of Public Health Dentistry, Dr. M. Suvarna, Senior lecturer, Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology .  Those  reported  to OPD  with  tobacco  related  oro-mucosal  lesions  (precancerous  lesion) will  undergo  thorough  clinical  examination  followed by  incisional/excisional  biopsy if required. Patients having habit of  Tobacco usage  will  be  referred  to further intervention  for Behavioural  and pharmacological  therapy-based  on  nicotine  dependence.

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