CDE on Histopathology Master class


This case-based immersion will include the following:

  • Grouping and classifying cysts and tumours, mucosal pathology and topics in oral medicine in order to aid in the study and diagnosis
  • Major categories of head and neck pathology (salivary, sinonasal, metastatic disease, thyroid/parathyroid, soft tissue pathology, updates in solid organ and neuroendocrine tumours, and a brief discussion of lymphoma classification)


Case-based learning, using representative tumours in each of the aforementioned categories; we will look at 3 (three) representative cases to demonstrate histologic and cytologic features of head and neck tumours, discuss immunohistochemical and cytogenetic/molecular findings to emphasize both diagnosis and therapeutic options and summarize each group of tumours and pathologies using current literature/summaries.


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