COVID-19 Student and Faculty stories

Ms Brunda, III BDS (2017-2022)

With National Lockdown, Online classes have slowly become a part of one’s life, which I feel is the best alternative in these circumstances. Although I’m being adapted to this curriculum gradually with good access to our academics and interaction with faculty members. But I like the traditional methods of teaching, I miss my classroom and healthy competition between peer members in completing a work whether assignments or preparing for exams…

Hoping for the best.

Dr Radhika Ramachandran, Senior Lecturer, Department of Periodontics

What went well…

  1. Reasonably good attendance
  2. Better use of technology and virtual connectivity
  3. Nurturing of auditory and/or visual skills especially through apps like ‘Socrative’, ‘Mind mapping through Poplet app’ etc.,
  4. Flexibility of time
  5. Getting into a new mode of teaching-learning style – a suitable model for a similar future scenario.


  1. Virtual attendance not verifiable
  2. High bandwidth requirement and undisturbed connectivity/signal needs
  3. Low at interactive learning
  4. Difficulty in demonstration
  5. Difficulty in correctly assessing students’ level of understanding via exams, due to risk of students’ possible involvement in malpractices like sharing answers, copying from books, net sources etc.

Dr P. Swathi, Senior Lecturer, Department of Public Health Dentistry.

Online classes have emerged as one of the solutions for our educational institution to beat the Covid-19 lockdown to push ahead with the academic activities.

Our college is using the easiest ways and applications to reach the minds of students and evaluating them after the class by conducting various exercises and activities.

It’s a new experience for the faculty and students and is one of the challenges during this lockdown.

Dr Vidya Lakshmi K., Reader, Department of Anatomy

In the present pandemic scenario of COVID 19, “ONLINE TEACHING” seems to the best logical method to continue imparting education, and has pushed many of us to adapt to it very quickly. Teachers & Students are moving ahead, and everyone is keeping a positive attitude toward online learning system and not let the things that are out of our control bother us.

At first, I was skeptical about what could be accomplished in online lessons, but  experienced several positive aspects to online lectures like  students are in  home environment, time flexibility at times so most of them seems to be more relaxed & comfortable, hence actively  participated for the online lectures  and  especially for the online quizzes where students were electrified in solving the Quiz and even I have boosted my personal creativity to make these online lessons much more effective & work best for my students. However also experienced certain limitations to online education system like inability to judge the body language of the students unlike real classroom, connectivity issues & other sort of distractions like some students lack of ability to focus etc.

Online Education System has certainly provided us a possible platform for engaging the classes during the most challenging times.

Mr Jai Kishan, I BDS (2019-2024)

Because of the outbreak of COVID-19, we had to strictly follow the lockdown.

But we never felt like we were away from college and were never deviated from our academics since we had online portal available through e-learning.

We always had contact with our faculty and content was always available.

When the world was cursed with corona we were blessed with classes and also a second revision for some subjects.

We even had viva which has given us a lot of practical information.

Although it was not as good as the classroom experience it had a lot of benefits.

Ms Meenakshi, IV BDS (2016-2021)

Online classes have become one of the most widely used alternative during this Pandemic & it stood as a total new challenge to most of us. Learning through online lectures, however, can’t reach the efficiency of the regular classrooms. This is because students can’t have good face-to-face interaction with the teacher. And the environment of the student might also be distracting. In regular classes we have the opportunity to approach the teacher personally for clarification of queries.

However, the online lectures stood as a savior for the students to maintain their integrity with the education during the lockdown period. We get to learn the lessons and also the assignments, quizzes are helping us a lot.

Adapting to this new era of education is real fun. This has changed the total concept of “don’t use mobile phone in classroom” or “don’t eat during the lectures” though. The good part is, I believe most of my classmates are utilizing the online lectures very well and actively participating in the viva and quiz sessions.

Going back to the conventional classes might seem a bit difficult now!!

Mr Pavan, IV BDS (2016-2021)

Being new to online education, the first two weeks were tough to adopt to current situations. My biggest challenges were to be able to communicate with my teacher efficiently, establish a functional work space, utilize my resources, manage my time wisely, effectively participate and leverage my network.

But, once we began, however things began to seem better as I learnt to use my equipment, develop a routine, create a positive working environment, avoid distractions and time-burglars eventually.

But into fourth week of on-line classes, I really do miss being in the classroom setting, surrounded by my friends and faculty. I should tolerate technical problems, seek help when needed, work daily on every class, and persist through challenges. However, I realized that Online learning requires independence, internal motivation, responsibility, and a certain level of maturity

So, I avoided games, Turned off my cell phone as I’m using my iPad provided by college, setting up good lighting and comfortable seating.

In short, things don’t always turn out the way you planned or the way you think they should.

Always one should accustom to expected situations for a better sustenance.

Mr Prudhvi, III BDS ( 2017-2022)

Amidst Lockdown I could complete the pending topics as I had ample time. In addition, online sessions improved interaction with my teachers. I could clarify my doubts, through private chat as I usually shy away to ask in a classroom. Also, online assignments helped to memorize the topic that was taught that day. In spite of these benefits, sometimes can’t pay much attention when compared to the classes held in college classrooms as I faced network issues with interruptions during the classes.

Hope to be back in college soon.

Ms  R. Ramya, IV BDS (2016-2021)

Its the first time I’m experiencing these online classes. I feel they are good interactive sessions than conventional methods. Even apps like Socrative helped me in actively participating in quizzes and activities at the end of the session which is self-assessed.

The first two weeks of online classes made me nervous but as time passed by, I gained confidence and I’m keen and look forward to classes.

Even though class-based learning is always better, online learning has helped me improve my communication skills.

Ms Tejaswini, I BDS (2019-2024)

Today the whole world is facing COVID 19. During this period we are not able to attend the classes due to various precautionary measures and lockdown. Our management has put serious efforts into creating a space for online classes and e-learning programmes to keep our knowledge and syllabus up to date. Because of this schedule, we are trying to gain the concept of self-planning strategically; it’s also being helpful for us to cope with present technologies which would be definitely helpful for us in the future course. These classes are offering more of one on one teacher-student relationships. Not only classes but also because of the assignments, we are not losing our theory part. I have learned that by discussing each other ideas we are in turn challenging each other to examine our thoughts and feelings. I am really blessed to have such a management; though we are apart they make you sure that we won’t stop learning.

Ch. Naga Shithi, I MDS, Department of Prosthodontics and Implantology



The pandemic is a crisis for mankind but I feel that the only resource we all have in common is TIME.

For a few days, we are paused from the fast-forward pace of life. During childhood, I dreamt of being a fairy but as I grew older, I realized that are no such wizards and now I believe in creating magical moments by ourselves.

These days I have realized that life was not the way thought it was, at times I had complaints in choices of food, places to visit, the way the hair looks, for not letting me decide things by myself and the list just continues only thinking of “WISH I HAD”. Present-day there is this tiny little thing which can’t be even seen is making people breathe hardest for life, healthcare workers running selflessly making sure everything alright, people walking for days just to find some food and shelter ….aren’t those supposed to then basic requirements for survival? now that I realize all that I complained was just “WISH I HAD” for somebody else.

Since I have all the time, I have become more responsible, organized, and amazingly restarted all my routines I missed all this long. The best part is that I have stayed this long with the loved ones only after 7 years and started back on to workout routine without a break. Though this is isolation we have all the ways to get connected with all old friends and it is not funny day by day nothing changes but once we look back things are different and nicer?…, Digitalization was a complaint but I now at this point we use it the most for continuing the academic activities and I get all that I required in seconds. I now have time to finish all academic work that I kept pending for all this while.

The mother earth is healing for all that destruction we have caused due to our greedy and it’s now our time to suffer for a while. This is a PERIOD we have to make the best out of “IF IT IS NOT NOW THEN NEVER” we could get this time for doing all that we wanted to.

Ch. Swapnika,  I MDS

LOCKDOWN- a word that is barely known to us till yesterday, but today, it has imbibed into almost everyone’s life. The first few days of lockdown was enjoyable. I had all the time I needed for myself and my family. I thought it was a much-needed break from the busy schedule of a PG student. As days passed by, the situation began to go out of hands. Things became tough for me. This is not what I wanted and expected. Whatever it is, life has to go on.

By the end of two weeks, I had a different setup around me. Seminars, discussions, classes, exams, and almost everything has become online. It isn’t easy to get all the things approved through mails and present seminars online. I was shocked to see so many free online webinars being conducted every day. Listening to so many excellent speakers with such a tremendous clinical experience is an eyeopener. Never did I know about all this informative stuff. But now I learn so much just by sitting at home. I now feel that everything is at the touch of a button. We have done activities like smile designing, which is so much fun. Lockdown has taught me to use the internet more effectively and productively.  The most challenging part is not able to do any treatment for the patients. We have no idea when this is going to end. But this has to end someday, and we will find a solution to this.

Keeping all these things apart, this lockdown has helped me grow. Adjustment is the key to happiness. Being happy with what we have is the most important lesson I have learned. This lockdown has taught me to live a balanced life with a systematic lifestyle. I have learned to be more positive, even at rough times. This has transformed me into a responsible family person and a student.

Constant motivation from the staff has changed my perspective on lockdown. Their constant guidance has helped me to utilize this time most efficiently. They have taught me to find the opportunity even in this crisis.

Varshitha, I MDS, Department of Pedodontics

COVID -19 is a severe pandemic that the whole world experiencing from the past few months. It completely reversed the entire situation and taken away many valuable lives. This situation at some point in time made everything to think about who they are, what they are, and what are they going to do for the rest of their lives. As far as I concerned, I felt that life will show us and throw us many hurdles, the only thing which we can do is we have to face it with courage and peace of mind. I being a dentist can’t give up everything, sit simply, and waste time. So, I decided to act accordingly by following certain preventive measures and concentrate on my academic work. And then here comes the new way of learning I.e online-based learning. It may not be new to many people but for me, it gave me a very very different, interesting experience which I didn’t have in the past. Initially, I was very excited, but later on, after two to three sessions I found little discomfort attending these sessions my eyes were strained, internet problems, etc., But I can’t give up my activities based on these silly problems, so I decided to adapt to it. I solved my internet issues and all other problems and now I am doing my work very well I feel so. This experience of online learning has made me organized, punctual, and also made me feel like there is a solution to every problem. Whatever may be the situation the one who comes to support me is my family and I am always thankful to them and my friend from whom I learn one or the other good things and lastly this time I would also like to thank these websites which I am constantly browsing from past few months to learn many things. The only thing which I am missing is my college, my patients, and my clinical work, I wish this situation will resolve fast I could get back to work soon. And finally, this situation changed me as a person, made me calm, think before twice I act and I strongly believe there will be some change in the entire world. As a dentist, I will do my work more consciously and take care of my patients and more responsible towards my profession, and educate my parents and neighbours regarding the present situation that all of us have to accept it follow the precautions accordingly.

I. Sri Vidya, I MDS, Department of Periodontics

Life is never the way we expect. Giving sudden jerks and twists like a thriller movie have always been its style. But I’m sure none of us might have ever expected such a big mess happening in our lives. The first horrifying news of COVID-19 brought a storm of fear within me. This virus has completely turned our lifestyles upside down and gave a red signal to the entire world.

Our future is fraught with danger. This made me worry a lot about my parents and all my dear ones. Throughout the year I’ve been waiting for a break in my life but corona had a different plan of giving this break. It came up to give an unexpected stasis to my college life. The “shutdown” was declared and made everyone stick to home. Our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi found ways to tackle this pandemic and bought rays of hope to deal with it to set our lives back to normal.

Then came the new concept of “home quarantine”. So no college, no patients and no hanging out at theatres and restaurants with friends and family. This is something really tough. I do miss that fun with my friends at college and the happy family gatherings but I keep convincing my mind that it’s not forever and the good days are not surely far away. Getting our minds accustomed to this concept is a big challenge. It’s time to get a grip on ourselves and face this challenge. I’ve got space and time for bringing out innovative ideas and unlocking myself. Spending time with myself and my family is satisfying. Yes, sometimes I do get cheesed off with boring, monotonous life and the constant news in T.V throughout the day about the actions of this virus.

A big pause now can be a burden in the future. So our college came up with online classes and assignments to keep us engaged and not to break the continuous process of learning. This new process of learning is not as satisfying as direct communication and interactions we have in seminar halls, but to avoid the lag in academics, it’s definitely a great idea.

During this phase of fear and danger, when the government needed help from doctors, I feel privileged to serve my nation and offer my part of the little contribution to society. I was called to collect samples from other villages and had an experience that will be cherished throughout my life. I got a great opportunity to go the extra mile in my career as a doctor. I express my heartfelt salute to the backbreaking efforts provided by doctors, police departments and media.

Bearing the brunt of this virus was undoubtedly troublesome but let’s look at the bright side and break the boredom. We have been hurting the nature with our activities and here it gave back a punch. Nature showed Newton’s third law, “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” I’m sure each one of us has learned a huge lesson on how to respect nature without which there is no life. We are gifted with a beautiful culture that was designed to make us lead a healthy and happy life, which is now being realized by our generation. It’s never too late, let’s follow them all and make every effort to revitalize and rejuvenate our Indian economy and get used to the new normal.

Dr Kranthi, III MDS, Department of Prosthodontics & Implantology

I was almost to finish my Masters. It was deplorable that the universities and all educational institutes have to close due to the COVID-19 crisis. We all were worrying as dentists are at primary risk of cross-infection while treating the patients. On the other hand, we have got adequate time to prepare for the university exams. One day, I have got a call for attending the COVID duty as we were informed earlier by the university to take part in the collection of samples. Initially, I was discouraged by my parents and friends to take part in the COVID duty. The reasons for this were based on the availability of PPE and the rate of fatality after infecting. Also, the rumours spreading on social media regarding the COVID-19 was the other reason. I spoke to duty officers and also explored online regarding the precautions to be taken while collecting the samples from the public. I made my mind and convinced my parents by assuring them that I will take all the essential precautions to protect my self during COVID duty.

Though I am delighted that “I’m doing something useful for society”, still something is tingling in my mind that how would the society receive me after completing the COVID duty? Will they isolate me even I am not a COVID carrier? These two questions were wandering in my mind from the time the vehicle came to pick me up, and till I reached Narasapur camp. I gained my confidence after listening to the experiences of health-care professionals already working at Narasapur camp. Mr Tata Rao, a lab technician, had helped me initially in wearing PPE and also for collecting the swabs from the health care workers. It was my routine to collect the samples of 40-50 patients each day at Narasapur camp. One day, we were informed to go to a nearby village to collect the samples.  Each day was a new experience for all the 16 days of my duty.

Wearing PPE over the regular wear that too in mid-summer cause so much sweat and drained my energy every single day. But that was never a problem with the satisfaction I am getting from the service.



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