Oral & Maxillofacial pathology is a specialized branch of dentistry that deal with structural and functional changes in cells, tissues and organs of the oral cavity that cause or are caused by disease. Our goal is to be laureate in the field of oral pathology by means of enhancing excellent knowledge through teaching, research activities and advance diagnosis. Our objective is to motivate undergraduates towards fundamentals in oral biology and pathology, Enriching and rejuvenating the Post Graduates towards the diagnosis and research activities and Upgrading and enhancing the teaching methodology by attending and conducting various workshops.

The department of Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology, Vishnu Dental college, has the main responsibility of teaching the undergraduate dental students of I,II,III year curriculum and histopathological diagnosis of Oral & Maxillofacial diseases since its inception in 2002. Post-graduate course offering Master of Dental Surgery in Oral Pathology was started in May 2009. In addition to post-graduate teaching, staff members were interested in the overall expansion of the departmental activities. The interest, understanding and dedication of staff members lead to the formulation of the concept – TODER an operational research comprising of expanded activities in Teaching, Orientation, Diagnosis, Extra mural activities and Research.

The design of the operational research is bimodal. It provides an opportunity for the undergraduate and post- graduate students to make use of the expertise of the staff members to widen their knowledge, confidence in developing skills and consider academics as enjoyable as play. Simultaneously, it is intended to provide a novel experience to the faculty members in many aspects of professional carrier, an experience unique to the department. The achievements of both the students and staff shall be beneficial to the profession in particular and community in general, fulfilling the vision of the founder of this prestigious institution.

The department spans over an area of 14,266 sqft which comprises UG & PG practical lab, patient screening clinic, grossing & histopathology lab, Immunohistochemistry lab, hematology lab, museum, Research room, seminar hall and department library with 72 titles and dedicated internet connection.

This department has a pivotal role in conducting inter and intradisciplinary research projects with the available equipments likes research microscope, Research Microscope, Stereo Microscope, Image Pro Plus software, ELISA, Centrifuge, Digital ph Meter, Paraffin Embedding Station, Semiautomatic Microtome, Automatic Tissue Processor, Electrical Stirrer, Block Cooling Cold Plate, Monoclonal Antibodies for IHC, Microwave Oven for antigen retrival. There were various research projects conducted with a national and international acclaim and presently there are several ongoing research projects being carried out by our dedicated faculty and post graduate students.

Other Activities

  • The dept. has adopted a village near Kakinada by name Uppada, is educating the fishermen community about the ill effects of reverse tobacco smoking by organizing oral awareness camps.
  • The dept. has hosted a school teacher’s training programme on August 12th 2010 to increase the awareness of teachers on oral hygiene.
  • The dept. has organized a screening camp for the benefit of 150 HIV infected children under Anti retroviral therapy at Machilipatnam
  • The department has MOU with a premier gastroenterology hospital for a study on Helicobacter Pylori and its association with oral diseases



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