Moodle E-Abyas – A Learning Management System

Technology has revolutionised the way education is offered to individuals all around the world. We currently live in a globalised society where the old concept of formal education, which takes place in a single physical location, is becoming increasingly obsolete. With the advent of sophisticated communication technology and mobile devices, a new generation of information consumers may now satisfy their knowledge needs without having to meet in person. Recognizing this trend, educational institutions have adopted technologies that make managing courses and communicating with students easier from a distance. The technologies that facilitate the provision of courses over long distances are broadly termed “learning management systems” (LMSs).” LMSs are web-based software platforms that automate the administration, organising, delivery, and reporting of educational content and student results.

Sri Vishnu Educational Society (SVES) has always been at the forefront of adopting and incorporating new technologies into the educational system at its sister institutions. SVES has teamed with Moodle E-Abyas (Moodle certified partner) to engage students and provide information in an effective manner. Moodle E-Abyas, Learning Management System (LMS), is a software application that offers a framework that manages all aspects of learning. 

The primary goal of implementing Moodle E-Abyas LMS is to host and track online learning while also providing a virtual hub for learners to access training resources. Moodle E-Abyas also intends to provide a central location for training across an institution and make training available to remote learners. Additionally, it makes learning more streamlined, organized, and cost-effective. 

Moodle E-abys LMS highlights include the ability to manage material, track and assess learning, store learner data, and connect with (and enable communication among) learners.


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