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The Alumni Association of Vishnu Dental College, Bhimavaram, West Godavari District is registered under the Societies Registration Act. XXXV of 2001 on 24th day of September, 2012 bearing society no. 234 of 2012. It is an active functional association with 950 members till date.

The Association of Alumni is structured with a President (Dr P.V. Karteek Varma MDS) , Vice-president (Dr Viswa Chaitanya MDS), Secretary (Dr Y Kalyan MDS), Joint Secretary (Dr K Pradeep MDS), Treasurer (Dr G Vineeth MDS) and Executive committee members (Dr Priya, Dr Pallavi, Dr Sameera, Dr Sravani, Dr Ravi Kalyan, Dr Bhavani, Dr Venkatesh naik) .

The current alumni corpus fund is approximately Rs.9,55,000/-. This fund is used for supporting subsidy for patient’s lunch program and also utilised for conducting events on continuing dental education programs for the alumni members. Knowledge is power, thus our college has been enriching the alumni through various academic knowledge resources. We conduct Alumni meet annually through which we inflate the newer innovations done in each field of dentistry.

In the year 2019, a CDE programme on “Research in Clinical Practice” , and “Criteria while restoring posterior teeth with implant prosthesis” was organised by Alumni Associaton. A total of 87 Alumni atttended for the workshop. The resource persons of these courses were our alumni; Dr Visa Chaitanya and Dr PV Rajesh Kumar.

In the year 2017, Alumni association has conducted short-term hands on workshop in rotary Endodontics, Implantology, CBCT. These courses not only update the knowledge but also are useful in day-to-day practices of modern dentistry.

There are 25 alumni working as faculty in the college. With their support various advanced academic sessions like Rotary Endodontics , Dental Implantology, and Cone beam controlled tomography(CBCT) were conducted for Alumni members as a support from institution to improve their knowledge and  skills, and to meet  current demands of oral health needs and to excel in clinical practices

Rotary endodontic methods offer several advantages over manual root canal treatments like the results are more reliable and more precise,more comfortable and due to faster treatment(often in one appointment). Total of 20 members participated in this course and the resource person for the session was Dr. Madhu Varma( M.D.S), Dr. Kalyan Satish(M.D.S), Dr. P.V Karteek Varma(M.D.S), Dr. G. Rani Samyuktha(M.D.S). Lecture sessions followed by Hands-on was conducted on Extracted tooth.

Implantology has become an indispensable part of mainstream dentistry, helping dentists to improve the quality of life of large patient populations.Lack of recognized academic standards and training pathways has generated obstacles for the majority of the busy dentist practitioners who want to offer implant treatment in their practices.Total of 20 members participated in this course and the resource person for the session was Dr.M.S.NRaju (M.D.S) from the Department of Prosthodontics and Implantology. Lecture sessions on Basics of Implantology followed by Hands – on was conducted on Foam Mandible.

CBCT being a three-dimensional (3D) radiographic imagingspecifically dedicated to imaging the maxillofacial region heralds a true paradigm shift from a 2D to a 3D approach to data acquisition and image reconstruction, has created a revolution in maxillofacial imaging and obviously overwhelmed the drawbacks of 2D imaging.Total of 44 members participated in this course and the resource person for the session was Dr.T.Ramesh(M.D.S), Dr.Rizwana (M.D.S), Dr.N.Rajesh(M.D.S), Dr.Yasmeen(M.D.S),Dr.Bindu(M.D.S). Lecture sessions on Basic interpretation of CBCT and Hands-on Image software was conducted successfully

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