Vishnu Dental Tech Bytes – “VAIDHYO”

Embracing digital technology has become a new norm in all fields. As the world becomes more mobile and digital, teaching and clinical practices are also influenced by these technologies in a way that’s never been before. The digital landscape has opened up doors for hospitals to improve the way we operate, process information to become more efficient and ultimately serve our patients better. EMR has been demonstrated to improve efficiencies in workflow by reducing the time required to pull charts, improving access to comprehensive patient data, helping to manage prescriptions, improving the scheduling of patient’s appointments, and providing remote access to patient’s charts.  It certainly made a positive impact on many service sector organisations’ success stories. So, as the first step in our journey towards digitisation, we developed our very own customised electronic patient management software named “VAIDHYO” in 2016. It is designed to curtail the specific needs of our workplace comprising of students, faculty and patients.

It stores and displays patients’ demographic data, medical and dental histories, pre and post-operative images, photographs, radiographs and treatments rendered to them at any given time.  Various reports such as outpatient statistics, billing statistics, treatment duration for every patient can be generated by clinic admin.  Students can generate a list of their patients based on diagnosis and treatments rendered thus reducing the time needed to retrieve and perceive records.

Since all the patient data is recorded electronically, the storage space is reduced by large. The software is user friendly and requires only a minimum of training to operate effectively. Part of being a healthcare provider is ensuring that our patient’s data is secure, so every user has a unique user Id enabling confidentiality at every level of operation. One of the most valuable clinic management system features is scheduling, patients can also cancel and reschedule appointments in the system. Automated reminders are sent to patients prior to appointment enabling timely follow up  It allows classified access to critical patient information, offering knowledge of the patients’ status, including acuity level, wait time, assigned students, and additional services involved. Feedbacks from patients are collected at every appointment to appraise the patient’s experience.  All patients’ detailed invoice is recorded and all payments are accounted. It also Connects all our satellite clinics to the main campus.

Thus, we at Vishnu Dental College are proud to say that “VAIDHYO” set new standards for excellence in our patient care by helping us provide enhanced quality of service with more accuracy and more efficiency.

“Sometimes the technology is not always the hardest part, the culture change is the harder part”



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