Patient Feedback & Queries

To ensure every patient receives Quality Treatment in an empathetic environment


  • Identify overall experience of the patient (with respect to Treatments, Costing, Facility etc.)
  • Target Immediate resolution of critical issues (if any) and opportunities for improvement.

How do we do?

VDC gathers daily comprehensive feedback (that includes queries on appointment, treatment, education, behavior of staff, aspects related to cleanliness and hygiene, basic amenities, convenience to reach hospital etc.) on one-on-one basis through random sampling across all the clinics. In addition, daily Focus Group Discussions (FGD) are organized among patients attending from various geographical locations driven by the faculty/ staff. Any issues identified during the feedback process, are resolved at the earliest. In addition, any probable ways to enhance our service model are also identified with the interest of providing a hassle-free experience to the patients.

Dental Care is still a neglected area due to various myths, assumptions, accessibility issues and internal fears. Through the Patient Feedback Initiative, the Vishnu Dental College understands and aims at quick resolution of issues, suggestions, queries, skepticism, challenges (if any) in the process of providing a Quality Dental Care. The feedback will also be reviewed on a monthly basis and analyzed for critical insights on patient satisfaction and thus, ensure continuous Quality Dental Care for All.


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