As the patient as a patient at the VDC You have the right to:

  • Receive considerate, respectful and confidential treatment.
  • Know the education and training of your dentist.
  • Ask questions and receive answers regarding your dental conditions and treatment plan.
  • Explanations regarding probable results, alternatives and risks involved before consenting to a proposed treatment plan.
  • Know in advance the expected cost of the treatment.
  • Accept, defer or decline any part of your treatment recommendations.
  • Expect the dental team members to use appropriate infection control methods.

As a patient at VDC you have the responsibility:

  • To provide accurate information about your current health status.
  • To report changes in your oral health care status and provide feedback about your needs and expectations.
  • To participate in your oral health care decisions.
  • To acknowledge the benefits and limitations of the treatment done.
  • To keep your scheduled appointments.
  • To Adhere to regular home oral healthcare recommendations.
  • To ensure that your financial obligations for oral healthcare received are fulfilled.