Human anatomy is a wide field of study, which deals with the structural organization of the human body. It is the lifeline and forms firm foundation of the whole art of medical science and introduces different varieties of medical terminology. Anatomy forms the basis of the practice of medicine, leads the physician towards an understanding of a patient’s disease when he or she is carrying out a physical examination or using the most advanced imaging techniques. The ability to interpret a clinical observation correctly is therefore, the end point of a sound anatomical understanding.

Goals and objectives:-
Observation and visualization are the primary technique a student should use to learn anatomy is important; the network of information needed to visualize the position of physical structure in a patient goes far beyond simple memorization Histology useful for the to understand the microscopic structure of the human body.

Educational goals:-
To provide extensive educational programme for under graduates in the field of anatomy through a series of lectures and practical( both dissection and histology) demonstrations. To assist the students in acquiring accurate understanding skills that would make them excel as teachers and leaders in the specialty.