Why Dentistry?

A recent report released in the United States of America has placed Dentistry at second position in the list of most successful professions and ranked it No.1 in health care jobs for the year 2018.

Dentistry is an art and science of promoting oral health, preventing and curing the diseases of oral cavity and rehabilitating the defects in Oro-facial system. Oral health is an integral part of and an essential prerequisite for overall health. With changing food habits and a steady rise in the awareness towards oral health, the need for dentists is rapidly increasing not only in India but across the globe.

Unlike MBBS, BDS by itself is a specialty that deals with the study of not only teeth, but also jaws, chin, gums, lips, cheeks, tongue and palate. Time has come to break the myth that Dentistry is limited to teeth only; it is also concerned with preserving and restoring the health of gums that hold teeth firmly in jaws; correcting the irregularly aligned teeth and structural defects in chin and jaws; replacing lost teeth with removable or fixed dentures, including dental implants; identifying and treating oral cancers etc.

Hence graduation in Dentistry provides an opportunity to help people and communities live a healthy life, while building a successful and respectable career. The career opportunities range from establishing independent dental practice to setting up a group practice or joining corporate chains as consultant, to joining the public health services. In addition to these conventional opportunities, blooming healthcare industry is opening a plethora of opportunities in the fields of clinical research, healthcare management, pharmaceutical industry etc.


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