Satellite Clinics


We have satellite centre at Kumudavalli village. Here, school children from 24 schools in surrounding areas of Kumudavalli village were screened and offered preventive and curative care regularly.
Health education is given using audio-visual aids to school children emphasizing the importance of oral health and relation between general health and oral health.
A satellite dental clinic was started in Dirusumarru located approx. 8 km from Bhimavaram town to cater to the dental health care needs of the residents. The satellite dental clinic was started in collaboration with village panchayats. All types of dental treatment are provided by the specialists. The clinic also provides an opportunity to educate and create awareness regarding oral health care among the rural population.
We have recently started one more primary dental care centre at Juvvalapalem which is approximately 22 km from our campus. This centre caters to the dental care needs of the residents of juvvalapalem along with those from neighboring five villages. One general dentist works on full time basis and students who are doing internship on rotation basis. Specialist dentists visit periodically to render their services.