services provided

List of services provided in the department

  1. Scaling and root planning
  2. Smoking cessation programs
  3. Patient education
  4. Local drug delivery
  5. Gingivectomy/Gingivoplasty
  6. Operculectomy
  7. Frenectomy
  8. Splinting
  9. Pre prosthetic surgery
  10. Flap surgery
  11. Resective osseous procedures
  12.  Regenerative osseous surgical procedures (GTR, PRP, PRF etc.)
  13. Laser assisted periodontal therapy
  14. Root coverage procedures using coronally advanced flaps, sub-epithelial connective tissue grafts etc.
  15. Gingival augmentation i.e free gingival graft, apically displaced flaps etc.
  16. De-pigmentation (cryotherapy, lasers and surgical)
  17. Ridge preservation
  18. Ridge augmentation (soft & hard tissue)
  19. Implant surgeries