School Dental Health Camps:
More than 60% children under 15 has prevalence of dental caries. whereas about 90% remains untreated due to ignorance. Cumulative effects of untreated caries affect growth and well-being of children. This burden increases with age. Children with poor Oral Conditions are 3 times more likely to be absent in school or perform poorly in studies. Early treatments along with Preventive strategies is an ONLY WAY OUT! Our School Oral Health Programs include Oral Health Education, Screening, School-based Sealant Program, Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (ART), Tooth Brushing Program and Fluoride Application Program. Since there is a greater potential and urgency to address extensive oral health needs in school going children in communities, VDC is continuously looking forward to collaborating with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSRs) initiatives to effectively improve thechild’squality of life.