A Clinical Interaction with Dr. Satish Alapati,DDS, Ph.D., Associate professor,University of Illinois was conducted in the department of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics on 24th and 25th April 2018.

A Clinical Interaction with Dr. Satish Alapati,DDS, Ph.D., Associate professor,University of Illinois was conducted on 24th and 25th April 2018.

Day 1: 9-11 am - Clinical demonstration on Re-RCT followed by surgical removal of periapically extruded gutta-percha in Maxillary anterior tooth 12 for the post graduate students from the department of Pedodontics and Conservative Dentistry.

During the procedure, under magnification tooth was found to have vertical fracture extending subgingivally, hence, the tooth was decided to be extracted due to poor prognosis.

After extraction, tooth was reassessed for fracture line with dye and extension of the fracture line was confirmed to be extending on to the root.

Day 1 : 3-6:30pm -Presentations of series of caseson Regenerative Endodontics by the Post graduates from the Department of Pedodontics.

Case discussion on implant placement guidelines and criteria for selection of different implants based on each and every individual case.

Dr.M.A.K.V.Anand Raju, Dr. Suresh sajjan, Dr.Girija S Sajjan, Dr.K.Madhu Varma, Dr.M.S.N.Raju, participated in the discussion and gave an insight and overview on the case selection and implant selection criteria for each individual case and about the importance of diagnosing case with multidisciplinary approach with involvement of various departments.

Lecture session was continued by Dr. Satish Alapati,

• With an overview on importance of following sequential protocol of irrigation in the chemical debridement of root canals during root canal therapy • Withan emphasis on the availability of different irrigating solutions and their mode of action and uses.

The lecture was made interactive by thought provoking questions to the student audience.

Day 2: 9-11am- Case of Non-surgical removal of separated file in mandibular molar 36.

Armamentarium required for file retrieval including Ultrasonic unit with various tips, Masserann kit, Mini IRS kit, micro suction unit, micro surgical needles were shown.

11:00am-1:00pm - Demonstration on newer file systems like XP-Endo shaper and XP-Endo finisher file systems used in the root canal therapy using audio-visual aids showing their mode of action and ease of usage in root canals.