Workshop & CDE on BPS Dentures

A workshop and Continuing Dental Education programme were conducted at Vishnu Dental College from 20-12-2019 to 22-12-2019 on Biofunctional Prosthetic System Dentures (BPS). The resource person for the program was Dr.D.Lingeshwar. A total of 40 participants attended the programme (19 staff members 18 postgraduate students and 3 undergraduate students). On day 1- Series of lectures were taken on Introduction to BPS, Tentative centric, primary impressions, articulation, bio tracer attachment, secondary impression and jaw relations. Demonstration of these procedures was made on a patient by the instructor. On day 2- the lecture was taken on model analysis and teeth arrangement followed by a demonstration. On Day 3 hands-on workshop was done for 8 participants (4 faculty, 4 Post Graduate students). Model analysis, articulation on stratus articulator and teeth arrangement on patient’s models were practiced by the participants.