Meet and Greet – 2020

An interactive programme “Meet and Greet – 2020” was organized on 5th August 2020, for the MDS students admitted in the academic year 20-21.

Sri K V Vishnu Raju Garu, Honourable Chairman, SVES, interacted with the students.

Feedback from the students:

Dr Bharat K., Department of Prosthodontics.

The “Meet and Greet” programme was a wonderful start to our batch as I call it we are the revolutionary batch I don’t feel bad about the corona, in fact, it made us all explore such a great experience in the world of technology, like the ‘Microsoft Teams’ it’s such wonderful platform, really I never expected,  I would use this in my life, thanks to VDC family for introducing it to us. That’s not the end, next is the COURSERA, WOW really? I can’t express my feelings in words more than this, sitting at home and doing online specializations or Degree courses, seriously? and It’s YES! because now we are in the world of Technology, I would say 2020 is not a disaster to me anymore, This is a Revolutionary Change that is happening to us, Its true, Change starts within us. It’s all our privilege to be a part of this foundation laid by Late Dr.B.V.Raju Garu, SVES and VDC Family.

Dr Aishwarya Venkatesh Aiyer, Department of Pedodontics

The orientation programme that was organized on the 5th of August was so beautifully and carefully planned by our beloved professors. Their patience and enthusiasm is deeply appreciated and is totally worth being inspired. We being newcomers were excited and also pretty nervous about this new beginning. And goes without saying, all the dignitaries, our HODs, our professors of Vishnu have made us feel so much ‘at home’  also assuring us that we indeed are at an amazing place.

We are grateful to be a part of this institution.

Dr Ravindra Chavala, Department of Prosthodontics

First of all, I am very happy to be a part of the VDC family.

The program “Meet and Greet” really gave positive energy to me and the way the VDC is utilising the technology made me awestruck. I heard that VDC is always ahead in all aspects comparing to rest all colleges and it proved me in the very 1st meeting. It was really great to meet the VDC family online. Coming to ‘COURSERA ‘ really surprised with the way the college is helping the students in advanced aspects as well. Thanking the whole management of VDC for giving us this platform.

Dr Tanuja, Department of Prosthodontics

Thank you for VDC family you made us feel so comfortable and really gave us positive energy by conducting the program “MEET AND GREAT” By using the technology Microsoft team. And I am really thankful that you’re helping us to move forward in our process in this pandemic situation by providing a free online course like “COURSERA”. I am very happy to be a part of the VDC family. And Last but not least I really want to thank dr. Padma Priya mam and dr. Bharath sir for making us be a part of a wonderful program “Meet and Greet” Thank u mam and sir and VDC family for this opportunity.

Dr Deepika Kandukuri, Department of prosthodontics

Good afternoon madam, I’m Dr Deepika, department of prosthodontics, done undergraduation from Sibar Institute of Dental sciences.

I sincerely feel fortunate to be part of VDC to fulfil my endeavour. I’m eagerly awaiting for my wonderful journey ahead and I do believe in it. I never ever dreamt or anticipated of my first meet through online with my administration and colleagues. I thought our hand rests mostly in the gloves but as a matter of fact, are now sticking mostly to the devices, which is absolutely required through this pandemic. We had a wonderful introductory session yesterday, introduced ourselves to administrators, colleagues. We were given a schedule with some exercises, which are absolutely useful. We are made available the “Coursera app” helpful to learn and become skilled professionals. I sincerely thank VDC administration for guiding us forward during this hard time.

Dr Vamsee Priya, Department of Prosthodontics

The program MEET AND GREET is a new start to our batch. First, it was great to meet all the staff despite the pandemic.

I have heard a lot about VDC that It is student-friendly and supportive and now after first meeting only, I came to know this myself. 

About COURSERA, by this program, I can utilise my time to learn and gain knowledge in these online courses. Thanks a lot to all my VDC family who are working very hard to give the best to us.

I MDS students, Department of Orthodontics

We are really happy and amazed looking at the reception of VDC. Few of us are not alumni of VDC and was little nervous about the college and faculty but after yesterday “Meet and Greet program” have to say all our queries and doubts are cleared. Heard a lot about the college and it’s standards and can see all that is true. From the video, we can see that the best equipment and technology used in VDC is what makes it one of the top institutes in Andhra Pradesh. As the alumni of VDC, we are once again proud to be associated with our college. A special mention regarding the “Coursera” which has different courses to learn from and is really helpful for the students.

Looking forward to joining the college soon. Thanking the whole VDC management for such a warm welcome.