VAIDIKA – Literary Events 2022

Vishnu Dental College conducted Literary events, “VAIDIKA”, on 28th & 29th July 2022 for Undergraduate, Postgraduate students & faculty in the Mini auditorium from 4.30 am to 7.00 pm.  A total of 99 students & 04 faculty participated in 8 games. Postgraduates bagged the Overall Championship.  The event was coordinated by Dr Anoosha M, Reader Dept of Orthodontics.

The following is the list of winners.

Talk Dr.abhilash.D (pg ortho) Neeman Ali. MD (Intern)
Trivia Dr. Akhil.B         PG (Ortho)

Dr. Angel. D       PG (OMR)

Dr Tejeswi. Ch   PG (OMR)

Dr. Anand. B            Faculty (OMR)

Dr. Praveen. D         Faculty (Cons)

Dr. Teja                    Faculty (O.Path)

Guess the name Dr. anand. B              staff (omr) Dr. Abhilash .d       pg (ortho)
Caption the picture Dr. anil.M                   pg(ortho) Smrithi Jaiswal         (intern)
Memory game Nithya                           II year  Jahnavi                        I year


Day 2 events 29th July 2022

Quiz Lavanya.D

Neeman Ali                  (Interns)

Raj Prashanth

Mounika .b

Layakari. V

Sadhika. P

Amulya. K           III year

Supraja. B

Haripriya. B

Puzzle maze Dr. Kaladhar        PG (Cons) K. Sai. Praneetha         (Intern)
Debate Smrithi Jaiswal         (Intern)    Dr. Abhilash .d         PG (Ortho)