Lecture & Hands-on program was conducted on Dental Loupes by the Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics for II BDS students on 11.11.2017

Lecture cum Hands-on program was successfully conducted by the Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics for all Second BDS students on 11.11.2017 Saturday from 11.00am to 1 pm in Learning Hall 4, Vishnu dental college, Bhimavaram directed by Dr Girija sajjan, Professor and HOD and assisted by Dr Karteek varma, Senior Lecturer Dr Paramesh, Senior Lecturer, Postgraduate students Dr Srikanth, Dr Javed and Dr Sailakshmi.

A total of 77 students were participated.

An elaborate Lecture on Magnification assisted dentistry with Dental loupes was given by Dr Girija Sajjan explaining the why to use loupes, when to use, how to function with loupe and how to select a good quality loupe.

Demonstration was given on use of loupe Students were asked to bring their loupes, and prepared teeth for Hands-on workshop.

Hands on program – included

  • adjusting Interpupillary distance,
  • Setting working distance,
  • checking quality of resolution on prepared teeth,
  • checking chromatic and spherical aberration using coloured graph sheets with 3 Dimensional diagram.