The name of the Association shall be called The Alumni Association of Vishnu Dental College, Bhimavaram and for the sake of brevity be also called as “AAVDC”. The alumni association was established in January 2008.
The office of the Association shall be in the premises of Vishnu Dental college, Vishnupur, Bhimavaram, WG Dist. AP - 534 202.


  1. To promote and extend cordial relationships between graduates and under-graduates of the Faculty of Vishnu dental college.
  2. To promote an active interest of all graduates in the Faculty of Dentistry and in post-graduate studies.
  3. To express the wishes of graduates for their adequate representation in Vishnu dental college.
  4. To raise funds for the promotion of the objectives of the Association.
  5. Making intensive efforts to prepare a data bank of the past students of the college.
  6. Arranging career guidance programmes for the out-going students and orientation lectures to the incoming students every year.
  7. Arranging felicitation to the meritorious students and to prepare a Roll of Honour.
  8. Establish prizes, scholarships and motivate the past students in contributing funds for such activities.
  9. Assisting the out-going students of the college in personality development and prepare them to face campus selection by reputed prospective employers.
  10. Assisting the meritorious but financially weak students of the college through loan scholarships and lending books and material.
  11. Developing a benevolent fund through contributions from the old students for the benefit of the deserving present students.
  12. Publishing the Newsletters and maintaining a Website and provide a platform for the past and the present students for their mutual interaction and benefit.
  13. To provide facilities for carrying on research, basic as well as applied in all discipline of dentistry and science keeping in view the socio-economic needs of the society /country.
  14. To strengthen the bond of friendship and brotherhood.

Management ofAlumni Association of Vishnu Dental College
The management of the Association shall vest in the Managing Committee duly constituted comprising of the following office bearers:

  1. Chairman – The Principal / Head of the VDC shall be the Chairman of the Association.
  2. President (One) – A past student of the VDC and a life member
  3. Secretary (One) - A past student of the VDC and a life member.
  4. Joint Secretary (One) - A past student of the VDC and a life member
  5. Treasurer – (One) A past student of the VDC and a life member
  6. Joint treasurer (One) - A past student of the VDC and a life member
  7. Ten members elected by the general body representing the life members will constitute the executive committee